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Vescovo- Noun ( Italian)  /'veskovo/


   The name Vescovo came as a dedication to a friend we lost too soon. Brad Thompson, or The Bishop as he was known to by most, was all the good stuff! Bigger than life, kind, and creative. He had this big red beard that we're pretty sure he was born with, and the sharpest wit any one person could have. Coolest of the cool!

   So, now tasked with the job of truly making this man proud, and creating a place we'd all wanna hang out at....

   There are nods to Bishop throughout the space, from our street sign and logo, the artwork on our walls, even the menu. Any idea we thought would have made him smile, we ran with it.

   Top notch food & atmosphere, and all with a sense of humor. This was our recipe for Vescovo. 



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